Humanize AI Text: Make Your Content More Authentic and Engaging

The tendency for AI-generated text has increased to a great extent after AI tools were introduced. Soon after the massive success of AI-text tools, software development companies started to launch back-to-back AI tools.

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A great interest of people forced them to do so.

AI text is defined as the text generated through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This can also be referred to as computer-generated content.

With increased AI-generated text, search engines and webmasters have started to demand humanized text. One of the reasons behind this tendency is that AI text doesn’t connect with readers on a personal level.

It is free from sentimental connections found only in original text written by a real human. Many experts have found that IA text is questionable regarding engagement and authenticity.

In this article, you will explore strategies to convert AI content into humanized text so that it may sound more engaging and authentic.

Key Strategies for Humanizing AI Text

If you cannot produce original text due to lack of time or knowledge, opting for AI content writing tools is perfectly fine.

However, never neglect the importance of humanizing this text to derive better results regarding maximum engagement and increased organic traffic.

Here are a few proven strategies that you can implement for the better.

Use an Online Humanizer

Have you ever thought of making AI text humanized using AI tools? Sounds crazy, right? But it is possible when you opt for the right solution.

With the rising volume of AI-generated content, developers have designed AI tools that make text humanized in a single click. That means you can humanize AI text without making significant changes manually.

Many reliable humanizers have a dedicated feature to humanize AI-generated text. You can leverage its benefits and save yourself hours of manual editing work.

Develop a Conversational Tone

AI text lacks a conversational writing style, and that’s the reason the text it produces sounds robotic. One major change that you can make in the text is to add a conversational touch to your writing.

Try to focus on using natural language patterns and avoid overly formal language. With a little effort, you can successfully convert robotic prose into a naturally flowing word stream.

Add Emotion and Personality

Another critical aspect that you will see in AI-based writing is the unavailability of personality and emotions. That’s why people with a sharp eye can easily spot the difference between original and AI text.

To make your text sound humanoid, go ahead and try to add emotions so that readers can feel directly connected. Identify your target audience and try to address their pain points.

You can also include stories or relevant anecdotes. Another great way to achieve this is by adding humor only where it sounds good.

Tailor Writing Style to Match Your Brand

Tailoring text to match your brand writing style and voice is one of the coolest tricks that can be used in this regard. To make it happen, you first need to understand the brand voice and then try to implement changes.

Give your text a read, and make sure it includes important elements of empathy and understanding. Also, try to cater information according to the platform where it is going to be published (social media account or blog).

Provide External Links to Further Information

In most cases, AI text does not include links that readers can use to check out further information on the subject being discussed. If you add authoritative links, it will be a signal that the text is written by a real human.

Aside from making your text look humanoid, adding high-authority links will also help your blog or site extract SEO juice – eventually gaining increased organic traffic from search engines.

Encourage Interaction and Dialogue

It’s hard to find an AI piece that encourages readers to interact or create a dialogue. If you can incorporate elements of dialogue and interaction, it will be a positive thing for those trying to spot human elements in the text.

This can be achieved by seeking the reader’s opinions and asking relevant questions. You can also ask readers to leave their suggestions in the comment section.

It doesn’t stop there; you should also try to answer all the comments so that readers foster a trusting relationship.

Customize Content

One of the effective skills you can use in this regard is to customize AI-generated content. There must be several instances where you can customize content by adding additional relevant information. You can add anything, such as emotions, sentiments, and the right tone.

Balance Automation and Human Intervention

The arrival of AI tools does not mean that you should start relying on them entirely. You should feel free to fill those content gaps but make sure to maintain a good balance between human intervention and automation. Make adjustments when you identify that things are not working well.

Know Your Readership

You are not supposed to create the right message without understanding the needs of your audience. Take time to study your target audience so that you can create customized text for them.


AI text generation tools are helping individuals and companies alike by quickly creating large volumes of content. This is a great way to fill the text deficiency that has always been there.

However, there are important considerations that one should never ignore. Converting AI text into humanized text is imperative if you wish to see desired results in terms of engagement and increased organic traffic.

The above techniques can help you achieve that with minimal effort. It might sound a little intimidating to a few of you, but with practice, this should be like a piece of cake.

Aside from the techniques given above, try adding relevant statistics, expert insights, and information to engage with readers on a personal level.

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