Men Are Not Beasts by John Chizoba Vincent

Men are not beasts, we still have some loving men out there. We still have some caring men who understands a lady’s heart and how to treat a woman. We still have men who can lay down their lives to protect a woman’s. Those men who can lay down their lives because they love you. Then, why call all men beasts because one of them disappointed you? Because one of them molested you? Why generalised one man’s sin upon others?  The fact that one man made you cry does not make all men beasts and wicked just like you have concluded in your mind that all men are the same. If you conclude like that that means all women are the same too because, we have women who are good in assaulting men, who beat their husbands at home, women who are good in molesting and harassing men, Women who fight men like hound dogs;  Women who are good in abusing men and rendering them useless for their family and to themselves.
These adorable women sit in the comfort of their homes to rant rubbish of men being beasts, of how men see them as nothing but pieces of trash Cans in the street to be kicked here and there. And if care is not taken,  you would discover that these kind of women have never in their life dated any man for complete one month without breaking up with him. They jump from one arm to another smothering their own feelings, seeking for that perfect-made-in-heaven man, trying to know how faithful or the man of every man looks like; never would you satisfy them. These confused women learn to generalise things.  They know the best way to sit around to teach innocent girls how to treat men. When you see them gather together, they talk about  how to get men bow to their feet. Other things are not important to them but how to treat men like fools because they could not satisfy them on bed or because they could not live up to their standard. Now,  must a man die trying satisfy you both sexually and materially?
Let me remind us again if we have forgotten so soon; not all men beat their wives at home.  Not all men are two minutes men.  Not all men run from post to pillars. Those that does that, I can guarantee you that  I don’t know the substances that they are made of.
Genesis 1 said that God made man in his own image and after his likeness. So,  If you claim that men are beasts that means their maker is also a beast.  Those feminists  that declared all men beasts, it also means that your father that gave birth to you is also a beast. All men are the same including your father, no exception; It is the fact.  We can not afford to sit back on the chair and allow them say this and that and pass down this negative thoughts from one generation to another and our girls now see their fathers as lions that can pounce on their mothers at any time.  They believe that their fathers are those beasts that was released from the forest to devour them.  They no longer have respect for their fathers. They no longer see us as men who  suppose to shepherd them like little lamb.  They ignore advice from men because the stories told to them said that all men are rapist. Because a wrong message was passed to them of men who  molest girls in the darkness and other men become devil to them. Because they were told by someone out there that all men are the same. All men can play with their emotions,  all men can molest them, all men can harass them sexually;  all men can abuse them.  These are lies from the pit of hell. All men are not the same.
Sometimes, we don’t need to prove to the world our worth. Sometimes,  when a tale is told in the land of ladies about men, they should learn the art of research. The art of asking and not incubating that which was said into memory. Sometimes lies can be birthed out of envy and jealous towards the opposite sex.
Sometimes, you need to ask your mother why a particular situation in your family  remain the way it is now.  You have to ask your mother why she said your father is a monster and look deeply into her eyes for an answer? Ask her why always fight your father at the slightest mistake? Ask her some questions about your family as a girl and watch her tell you something that would help build your own house. I think we should not believe whatsoever that proceed out of any one’s mouth without making a deliberate research on it.
In fact,  there must be a reason why a man would raise his hand on his woman. I am not saying this to justify the actions of some men who beat their wives. We see faminists all  around the corner agitating for equality but have you ask yourself this questions: what is the purpose of me becoming a feminist?   What course am I fighting for?  Am I a feminist because my friends are?  We need to be truth to ourselves.  We need to know where we belong to not running from pillar to post like footballers.  Treat a right man right and he will treat you like the right lady of his dream.  Not all men are beasts that devour women!
©John Chizoba Vincent

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