My opinion on Adult Moments – A review

Adult movie review

How was the movie?

Adult Moments is probably Kikelomo Oguntade’s first movie and it was cool but it should have been impressive because it surprisingly has big stars like Ninalowo, Adebukola Oladipupo and the particularly vocal Bobby Obodo and the movie still wasn’t impressive.


Nollywood Actors need to realize they have a role in Making Nollywood exceptional. As a known and reputable actor, it will be nice if viewers can say “wow he is in this movie definitely the movie would make sense” I know upcoming actors might not have the luxury of rejecting a role in a poorly scripted movie but as stars, you can reject this kind of movie and insist that you won’t feature in it unless it is fixed. Let it be that at the mention of your name we have a firm belief that the movie would be topnotch. We want Nollywood equivalents of Samuel L Jackson, Melissa McCarthy, Taraji P Henson and Tyler Perry

Why do you think  Bobby Obodo is  Particularly Vocal?

 In 2019 Bobby Obodo blasted Nollywood movies on Social media he urged producers, directors and writers to stop producing movies with  “Lazy and predictable storylines, horrible extras, disastrous costumes, etc ” Imagine my surprise when I saw him in Adult Moments, a movie with the exact qualities he described.

Any other observation?

Kikelomo Oguntade was inaudible in her movie it is a miracle Ninalowo heard her in the movie and it couldn’t have been because of the “British accent”.  I saw the  British comedy series “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, and I heard the actors clearly.


Watch full movie above.

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