NPower Verification Exercise: Simple steps to successfully participate

As the long-awaited N-Power Batch C program has begun, applicants who are trying to login to their profile find it difficult to access the site. This is because the website used for registration has been changed.


In the newly launched website by the Minister of Humanitarian_Affairs, Desaster Management and Social Development, Mrs. Sadiya Farouq, applicants are required to first belong to the site by registering.

Although, the registration button or feature is not available, The only thing you will see is the “login option”. You don’t have to be panicked, here are steps to follow and update your profile in order to carry out the mandatory test exercise successfully.

Steps to go through the Process

1. Visit the site –

2. When the site opens, click on the “Go to login” option.

3. When the login option displayed, enter the correct email address you used while registering for the program last year. Enter your password and click on the “Proceed”. Or you can click on the “Forgot Password” option.

4. In the next window, enter the same email address and click on the “Send Code” option.

5. If you see a“Error message”, don’t panic. Do this; Check your internet connection, disconnect and reconnect it or change your connection to the SIM card that has a strong network availability, then, click on the “Send Code” option until the successful message displays in green.

6. The next step is to check your email inbox to get the link that will help you to change your password. If you don’t see the message in your inbox, check your spam or junk files. If you don’t see it, wait until you get the message in your email to proceed.

7. When the resetting of password and login process is complete, this is the message you will get:

8. After successfully logging in, click on “Update Profile Details”, and enter all the information in the clickable column, and save it. Make sure to get all your documents available, and in the size of 200kb or 195kb.

These are the documents needed

  • Your degree certificate,
  • your means of identification,
  • your age confirmation paper or local government certification paper, and
  • your passport photo.

All these should be from 190 to 200kb size.

The next thing is to go to the “Test” option. Before that, copy or write down your NASIMS ID number. It looks like this: NPWR/2020/_ _ _, and your password. This will be required to login and write the test. GOOD LUCK TO YOU.

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DISCLAIMER: Do not pay or release sensitive financial details to any organizer/recruiter unless futher verified from your end.
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  1. I tried to update my profile but it is showing me error. Been having this problem 4 d past two days.

  2. I have been trying to login with the email I used last year. I receive something went wrong/account not found

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