6 Questions You Must Answer to Become Rich in 2022

6 Questions You Must Answer to Become Rich in 2022
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Most people would ignore this, and take it like a bookseller on the street hawking books and has “20 ways to make money” on his catalogue, but he’s still broke. Lol.


These aren’t ingredients for rituals, but guidelines to help curb us from reckless spendings and a list of certain opportunities and eye-openers of signs we have been ignoring, which could be ways affecting our financial lives.

New year, New me, isn’t that the case?? Or there are no resolutions for the year, come on, 2021’s December was way too quiet, don’t you think? How about making this year a bit noisy? This article isn’t abracadabra, it’s just the right logic and process to apply in the course of the year.

There are questions you need to table down for your spirit, soul and body for deliberation and proffered answers to help you figure out if you are on the right track or not.

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Are you of any help to people?

Come to think about it, Givers never lack, or do they? Rendering services to people and deleting the notion of making money out of every opportunity could help, rendering services could help you in detecting the thorns in their flesh which you could develop products to solve.

How do you know a community needs water if you don’t go into their homes to figure that out. Digging a well or a borehole and letting them use it at a reduced price is a good business to start off with, don’t you think?

When you help people, you get great feedback and helps in referrals. If the people around you do not like you, the growth of your business would be short-lived, who’s going to spread the good news about you? Truth is at a point we all need each other, no business can flourish without public support.

Do you invest? What are the things you look at before investing?

Invest in a startup company. Own stocks there, this could prove to be a great investment. Big things start small, don’t they? When these startups begin to thrive, your returns would be fantastic.

Everything in life is a risk, but there are evaluated risks, some startup companies would make great capitals and some wouldn’t. Evaluate the risks by determining the startup companies with a promising future and great business ideas before investing.

According to Nairametrics “Early employees in companies such as PayStack, Flutterwave, and Jumia became multimillionaires using this method.”

Do you have a portfolio for stocks and crypto?

How steady do you invest, or is it just when you remember? Faithful investment for long periods of time and reinvesting profits would enhance your saving habit, help you to eat with five fingers instead of ten, and also help you to accumulate a substantial amount of money.

It doesn’t get easier, instead we have to go harder, small business suffer the most when stocks plummet, the ways to bounce back and keep growing should be invented. The crypto market is very productive and also dice: today it’s up tomorrow it’s down. These things cannot be avoided, but there should be limited exposure to avoid inherent risks.

Investing involves substantial amount of thoughts, deliberations and considerations, it isn’t just about luck, a single oversight could make one fall off the ladder.

Thinking twice before dabbling into an investment is the best; real estate, crypto or stocks, think twice and seek advice from those who have been there, to avoid errors that could result in money loss. Remember, the goal is to save money, not waste money.

Do you own a business?

Every day, we have more startup companies developing and having reflective growth. You can join the list of business owners, find your passion, explore your interests and use it as a means of generating income.

Every business has its flaws, it all depends on how you mange these flaws, solving them before escalating. Every entrepreneur must deal with a considerable amount of stress and risks, but it brings forth huge results when it becomes successful.

Many wealthy people have done their surveys before now and created their own businesses, which have become a big productive thing. The things you involve in will help you in going a long way and acquiring enough for you to live on.

What career path interests you?

People tend to succeed in business that interests them, when one is passionate about something, they become determined in accomplishing their goals. You cannot succeed in what you hate. There’d be no push to want to accomplish things when you do not like the business.

Explore and gain experience in the chosen path, mingle with people that would help you set your foot in the right places and help you to create a balance in your career.

Move with companies that could help you in developing your skills and acquire knowledge in every way. This helps in making you an asset to companies and helping in promoting you and giving you more profitable positions.

No one is an island of knowledge, do not be stagnant, move around, surf the internet, leaf through books, seek out ways to develop yourself and increase your income.

How reckless are your spendings?

Most people live lifestyles they cannot afford, living in a dream, isn’t it? Come on, in a country where no one has plans for you, instead of mismanaging funds, why not rationalize these spendings Most people today bite more than they can chew and this becomes a problem.

How do you live an Otedola lifestyle with an empty pocket? Just how? A reckless spender cannot boast of savings. Teach yourself self-control, tame the Davido’s spirit in you, to avoid being poor.

Drop the fake lifestyle and live below your means, track your spendings to keep your self in line. Download saving apps, it helps to keep you in track and create budgets. Join savings challenge, challenge yourself.

Do not spend if it isn’t important, make your own meals to avoid eating out and wasting money,

Map out your needs and discard your wants.

Written by Ayorinde Ayotimofe Sharon.

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