Editorial: Banky W and Adesua : The Scandal (From A Mystic’s Perspective)

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By Yusuf Balogun Gemini

Every story is us
This is the 21st century and many things has changed. One of these changes is evident in placing people in classes based on their space in the immediate society and the word “celebrity” is not new to our ears. Celebrity doesn’t have to just do with being renowned and wealthy, it deals with exhibiting wisdom and common sense that makes you really worth being celebrated. So not every rich man is a celebrity, you can be a celebrity – it depends on your wisdom.

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Banky Wellington’s wedding with Adesua was one of the most explosive this year had ever witnessed. While many haters had hope that it would soon crush like every other celebrities’ marriage, I had high hopes in this marriage that nothing can shake its foundation. But our mistakes start from the day we ignore the words of the elders.
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde was right when she told the couple to stay off social media, it’s high time the fact becomes accepted that not everything that happens in one’s private life needs to be aired. Not everyone reading is happy, do we expect someone who has a crumbled marriage to see daily videos of newly wedded couples and savor happiness ? Impossible. But perhaps this is a show off or rather, what makes celebrity worthy of being celebrated. If such is the case, then can we say Segun Akinlolu, Bukola Elemide and the likes ain’t celebrities ?
Banky W, in his anxiety to show how fascinating honeymoon could be in Capetown, had done the silliest mistake to expose his wife’s butt. I’m certain he never watched the video before uploading it on SnapChat and it wasn’t intentional – but who cares if it was or not ? It’s just like saying Maryam stabbed Bilyamin unknowingly – does it alters the fact that Bilyamin is dead ? Most countrymen feel there’s no big deal in this, many mock the couple and many shares heartfelt pity but if such could occur within a week of marriage, what’s to be expected before a year elapses ?
We would always try as much to justify our pervasive activity, just to prove the point that we are above flaws but we seem to have forgotten that impeccability is a gift no one owns. Many would claim the public should paddle their own canoes but I’m sure this case is still repeating itself and would keep repeating itself, if care is not taken. We are falling off the cliff – our culture, our values, our norms, our traditions. Back then, to touch a spinster’s hairdo is a huge crime but today – you’d even caress and soothe it ! No one sees anything wrong about it because it’s their subjective wish. But do we know how much modification of individual bias has wrecked the foundation of humanism ? If our forefathers expose everything that happens in their private lives to the public, I wonder if we would be born.
Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, Lisabi Agbongbo Akala, Aare Latoosa, Efunsetan Aniwura, Ojo Aburumaku – they were all celebrities in their time. And somehow, I feel their lifetime is worth celebrating more compared to that of the recent times celebrities (except a few).
People claim Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Odunlade Adekola and the likes have been able to maintain their marital lives without a third party interference. No one ever wonders why the marriage of other celebrities are on shaky roots or perhaps, we chose to ignore and claim :
Adesua is not my sister. Why should it concern me ?”.
“Adesua is my ex. That serves her right”.
Na their problem be that jare. Wetin concern agbero with overload ?”
But we seems to forget so quick that we’d get to that position some days and you might be the one with the exposed butt. How would you feel ?
Banky W has spatted on the face of those who believe this shouldn’t have occurred. Adesua is definitely in an emotional abyss, as it was obvious she didn’t set out to expose her body unnecessarily. Little things count and sometimes, the foundation of a thing determines its end.
There’s a good verisimilitude of truth between Kemi Adetiba’s The Wedding Party and the ass scandal that just evolved. Employing a flashback to the movie, Banky W played the character of a playboy before settling down to be with Adesua. In quick progression, one of his aggrieved ex was present at the wedding and manipulated a G string pant in place of fabricated rose (usually placed there). One of his best man had wanted to present a speech using the projector and unfortunately released a tape recorded on the wedding eve where the drunk Banky W had said vulgar and licentious things. Adesua had no choice but to flee in tears and using the normal trick, he was able to tender apologia to her and get it under denouement.
It’s noteworthy that whilst a copulation was ongoing on their wedding night, she had discovered the red G string pant in his pocket in place of a rose ribbon. Reality is gradually playing back from the movie and I can’t just get my mind off those silly, costly mistakes. I just want to hope that Banky W has learnt a great deal of lesson from what a SnapChat video can do and if he’s truly worth celebrating, amendment is priority. Omotola Jalade’s advice to stay off the social media seems to be a prophecy.
Many arguments have been brought out that seeing nude pictures and videos ain’t new but it’s important to know that personality matters. Adesua is not a porn star, only a stupid person would compare this incident to the normal videos leaked on PornHub. Consent and emotion is also necessary. I wonder how jobless Nigerians are best at sitting down and mocking someone who is better off their earliest grandmothers. Someone has commented that it’s an achievement to have seen the assets of Adesua after all then I wonder if such a person can ever get to be featured in a newspaper till he dies. I advise most Nigerians to get good jobs or better still, find a slot with LAWMA rather than spitting crap in the name of making a contribution. Such people end up mocking their ignominy, thinking Adesua is being mocked. I can’t discern the intention of the several bloggers and website owners who decided to upload the video after YouTube (supposedly causing a cyber disgrace) not only within the country but outside this border. While we think we are causing harm to others, we are actually piercing ourselves unknowingly.
Just like every other thing, this too will soon pass. But will the couple learn from this flaw ? Can the stigma be erased ? Can this video get off the whole of the net ? Won’t there be a necessity for a nuthead to come back on this video account to haunt the couple in future ? If such would ever occur, I’d claim it lies in the hand of the couple – especially Banky Wellington.
There’s no need crying over a spilt milk but we can just pack it the mess caused by the spilt milk in such a way that it’d look like it never happened. At the end, those who can stand the trials of time would be the real celebrities not those who sign out in every wrong step. I wish Banky and Adesua a marital life spiced with bliss and free from knives and scandal.
Yusuf Balogun Gemini.
IG : @balogunyusufgemini
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