How to become a best-selling author with E-book marketing

How to become a best-selling author with E-book marketing

If you are an author and you believe words of mouth and influence alone will sell your books, you may need to restrategize with respect to E-book marketing.


While this work for some authors, it won’t for many.

Becoming an author is you delving into E-book marketing. I’m basically referring to self-helps, guides, how-tos, religious and motivational books now.

Let me draw out an analysis for you (I’ll be using Facebook Ad Campaign).

Let’s say you budget N5,000 to market your ebook. With a good ad placement. Talk of location, demographics, age range, pixel tracking etc, you may have up to 30,000 impressions (with N5,000).

If your caption is good, with catchy graphics. I personally recommend an Ad video (less than 3mins), you may have a CPC (Cost Per Click) of #0.80. That means with N5,000, about 6,300 people clicked your link (which may lead them to a Landing page containing your Amazon, Okada and other links). With that, your CTR (Click Through Rate) is around 20% (quite huge).

In simple terms, it means with N5,000, 6,300 people made an attempt to buy your book which is worth N1,000 per copy.

Now with technical issues, poor conversion skills and glitches on sales pages, only 200 people eventually made successful purchase (which is approx 3%, a result of a poor Ad copy).

With this, you have made N200,000 revenue). Now if Amazon withdraws their 30% commission, you have earned N170,000.

Which is N5,000 capital = N170,000 returns in a week. An accounting guru will tell you that is a good profit. Repeat the process and see if you won’t become a best seller. This is all made possible by E-book marketing.

To start, pick an E-book publishing package and get a breakdown of the E-book marketing process. Start here.

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