How To Tell If A Boy Is Crushing On You | 13 Facts Every Lady Must Know

Just how to tell if a boy is crushing on you!

It’s so frustrating when we cannot fully discern what a boy’s heart says when it comes to telling who he’s having a crush on! And directly asking some random boy if he has his eyes on you is a bit annoying and absurd.

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You can grasp through these methods by paying concentration and focus on how to discover if a boy wants to be involved romantically with you or not. Basically, here is just how to tell if a boy is crushing on you. Just last week, we published a similar article giving a wide insight into how to tell if a girl is crushing on you which we believe you might also be interested in.

These are the professional examples of psychological and sociological reasoning whether or not a boy has been crushing on you ever since you met:


When a boy likes you, he beams his smiles straight across all hindrances and obstacles to your heart. Normally, people smile at you unconsciously without taking a second glance at your facial impression. His countenances will determine the type of stares he takes. For a random boy, the first time he’ll stare at you without a smile encodes “I don’t like/know you”. For a regular stalker, if he stares at you deeply, and coat it with a mickle smile; allowing you to keep your eyes off him, is a sure sign. If his smiles catch you like flu, it’s not a bad idea to stare back and smile too. It’ll show him your facial approval.

The eye contact is the delicate part of the body that displays our emotions and how we deeply care for each other. When a boy is having a crush on you, he makes more eye contacts that normal. He’s probably indicating: “I like you”. Generally, eye contacts naturally loiter about a hall filled with many individuals but if it feels like he cannot take his eyes off you, we can say he is into you.

According to scientific and psychological researches, some series of experiments done before now have shown that when it comes to intimacy, one tends to give more eye contacts when one is having a crush.

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When a guy likes you, he is always fidgeting nervously, overtly caring or feeling restless by rubbing his palms at you. Most of these symptoms are usually & totally done unconsciously. He knows not that he’s gesticulating and showing too much care while he’s talking to you often. When he’s doing this, he smiles uncontrollably at you. It’s his only way of showing he wants to be closer to you.


How to tell if a boy is crushing on you? When a boy likes you, he constantly touches you often. This generally stipulates that he has a crush on you. Physically, he’ll always do whatever it takes to hold your hands, touch your waist playfully or lean on your back or shoulders when he gets too free around you. Most times, these are the only signs he uses to approach you sexually, socially and psychologically. This is just his method of showing you that he wants you more.


Attraction and emotional closeness brighten up a wonderful and romantic relationship. If a boy likes you, he doesn’t sit or stand far away from you. He draws closer to you while sitting or standing. This can only uncover his secret desires towards you. If he comes too close to you, do not stand up or shift farther from him. He can decode any message, posture or sign you’re sending to him easily without saying a word about it.


If he likes you, he won’t miss your birthday or an outing with you for the world. This boy makes sure you know that he is not violating or trespassing on his boundaries to see you and make you smile. He makes an extra effort to spend time with you even though he’s the busiest man on earth. He’ll always find time to talk to you.


During board meetings and group discussions, he tends to appreciate and value your thoughts, opinions and obscure ideas; probably a little too much. If he is wearing a cool shirt or has made a new haircut, he wants to know what you think about it, because it is crucial to him.

If he likes you, he will always step up his games anytime you adore something on the street, on the shelves of a book store, on public malls or on any superstore. He foots the bills just to show how generous and caring he can fend for your needs.

If he likes you, then he’s the definition of a natural social stalker or chatter. He will make sure he keeps the conversation long, even though you feel jaded and so tardy to reply to him. With that, anytime he finds you online, he is always the first to send a mail to you. He doesn’t take pride; he’s always waiting for your responses. He can stay and wait online for as you wish to reply his texts. He is always bringing different topics to your chat board; topics that involve dating tips, & relationship tales. He’s naturally a word teaser, and charmer. So if you’ve been wondering how to tell if a boy is crushing on you, try to notice this.

This special guy that has a crush on you is always to head over the heels for you. On every little thing you say, do and show, he compliments it. He doesn’t seem to bother about your bad reputation, personality or appearances. He’ll always have something nice to tell you even when you are about to kiss grave. Such compliments go a long way, but watch out for playboys, they compliment more often than normal. If he’s truly yours, he won’t try to force a compliment about how you look. It’ll come from his heart naturally, and you will tell by his emotions if it’s genuine or fake.

If he likes you, he lets you know if he is single or engaged. Usually, a random fuckboy is always single, whether he’s single or engaged, be careful. He’ll always ask of your lover. Once you give him the “I’m still single, I have no bf” reply, boom! He’s trying to tell you that he’s single too, and ready to shoot his shots at you. He’ll be constantly asking why beautiful ladies at like you haven’t got a man yet to be by your side.


If the man truly has a crush on you, he tells all his folks about you. You’ll notice the way he talks and walks on the street when you’re with him. His friends tend to greet him more than the usual greetings when he’s all by himself. They exchange extra slangs and words you may not understand unless you question him. And if you do, he’d still lie to you, by giving those slangs another meaning to make you smile. With this, he’s your man.


Wish to know how to tell if a boy is crushing on you? Understand now that a guy that has a secret crush on you is never going to admit he’s jealous on seeing you with another man. Not only if the man is just a pal, but also if the man is a neighbour that lives a stone thrown away from your apartment. He sparks when you also compare another man with him. Men don’t like comparison. End of sermon! He’s your man.

Finally, when you are ransacking for the signs and signals that show he has a secret crush on you, it’s important to take to heed and beware of everything and everybody around you. You never can tell who has a crush on you.

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There are habitual and deliberate unconscious signs that do not really match up with any of the listed crush-hunting signs above. But, once he’s into you, and you like him, why not kill your pride, embrace guts and shoot your shots.
Believe it, when you shoot, he’ll catch you.
Written by Ifemeni Christian Derrick White

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