Review of the Nollywood movie, Your Excellency

This movie is perfect. The casts, crew, graphics, costume, makeup, plot and setting made mad sense.

The most beautiful thing about the movie is the refreshing voice. Funke Akindele is a refreshing voice in Nollywood. I love the way she decides to portray the ills of the society in order to show us how to fix it and not just to make the plot of her movie longer or juicier. ” You can see this quality in her comic movies “Jenifa Diary” and “Aiyetoro town” too. They are not just comedy they can also serve as a legal diary and a  moral compass when you want them to.  Her aim isn’t just to entertain people if you are attentive enough you would always gain something tangible from her movies. Is it the way she ensures to provide the right approach to every legal situation she mentions in her movie or the way she portrays the ills of the society and provides solutions too? In short !!  Funke Akindele is an Icon.

OK madam calm down you have digressed a  lot we know you can praise Funke Akindele for days but please let’s talk about the movie!!


 Her positivity is really evident in this movie. I like the way she showed us that  Men do not always have to be scums,  a man can love his wife unconditionally and do not need failure and regret to remind him of his love for his wife. Men can be inherently good.

I like the fact that she made Akin lewis a  good character throughout the movie. You know, when shaffy Bello returned from overseas I actually thought the movie was going to be a cliche, that Akin Lewis was going to dump Funke Akindele for her in order to increase his chance of winning, which is the normal trend for  Nollywood movies, a man has to be the villain for the movie to work. But she defied “norms” and instead showed us men do not always have to be painted bad and evil in a movie for it to sell.

I like the fact that she did not make the educated guy win the election. She taught me not to be shallow and that leadership is not just about the credentials It is also about you deciding to be good, honest and honourable.

I also like the way she spoke to youths by showing us the truth about social media. Sometimes flashy girls on social media are faking and yeah!! she also showed us the irony of reality shows , that sometimes they are not real.

This movie was entertaining and at the same time, therapeutic.  If you love politics, positivity and you want a glimpse of what a happy marriage should look like.  You should definitely see the masterpiece, YOUR EXCELLENCY!!!

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