Editorial: Understanding The Power Of The Mind

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by Micheal Ace

A very dumb guy once lived down my street. Everybody loved to play pranks on him. He was the type of guy who would come to your house with shoes and leave barefooted. Maybe he once had a brain damage, we couldn’t tell. He wasn’t mad but he was mentally derailed.

One day, a neighbour gave him a small piece of paper which contained numbers he had played for Baba Ijebu. He wanted to play too so he went ahead to the Loto stand. On getting there, he discovered the piece of paper was missing, perhaps he had dropped it on the way.

He had to play as he so much wanted so he dropped some numbers offhand and played. Everyone at the stand laughed when he called the numbers. They thought he was foolish. Obviously he was. The result came the following morning and unfortunately for those who made jest, the guy won, a sum of #250,000. Everyone was amazed, marvelled, people celebrated him but something wasn’t right.


He had lost the ticket. He couldn’t even recall how it all happened, he just knew he couldn’t find it anymore. People even offered to help him search his filthy room, all to no avail. That was how he lost the opportunity to be quarter a million richer.

Now this is my take. Luck comes to people randomly, opportunities reach out to us most times unprepared, but there is something needed to grab that hand and never let go- that which is a sound mind.

Be conscious of your environment, your friends, situations at your place of work, things people say around you, information going about in your campus. Be conscious of yourself: what you do, wear, eat; whom you last talked to; places you last visited. Most days, I search my room for the same cap I’m already wearing just because I’m late to go out. It happens like that when the mind is worked up.

Let your senses and entire body system function better. Free your mind often and stay as light as you can.

Originally posted 2020-07-26 07:43:06.

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