Why huge Social Media followings may not sell your products, services

Building social media platforms is great. But having thousands of followers may not necessarily mean you will make sales. Here is why.

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These days, if you are going to sell a product or service, then you have to be really deliberate about it. And that involves knowing your audience well before you begin to write ad copies.

Meanwhile, for the sake of marketers who are willing to leverage on Twitter high engagement rate without huge budget, we have compiled 3 tricks to make huge sales on Twitter without running ads.

As Seun Odegbami, a brand marketer put it, you hear a lot of funny stuff in marketing and sometimes you begin to wonder what is freaking going on here. Then there are people who just want to blow. Blowing is not a strategy honestly and if you feel having 20k followers and thousands of likes would make you sleep better then that’s beautiful.

Can I be honest with you? You are going to find out that you can have 20k followers and not sell a dime or likes and fake engagement.

KPIs for social media is now filled with vanity metrics and companies wanting to be the next Kim Kardashian with 50k followers and more.

As an organization the metrics and details you should be concerned with are:

1. Conversions: there are different type of conversions from sign-ups to downloads to actual payment.

2. Running a paid ad doesn’t guarantee sales: I feel like someone needs to hear this because you need a funnel to convert customers.

3. Every product has a different product cycle: It may take six months to sell a saas product and one month to sell a conference ticket. So holding people down to revenue targets of such products would be defeating.

Stop dreaming of sales if you don’t understand your marketing and funnelling. Thinking making sales is magic is one of the mistakes that kill new businesses. And even before anyone delve into affiliate marketing or the likes, they really need to understand these things so valuable time won’t be wasted on try and error.

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