5 Productive Things To Do When Unemployed And Broke

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So you just graduated from the university, or you’ve probably been laid off your job, now the hard reality that you have joined the mass population of unemployed people in the country dawned on you.

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Now what?

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You start submitting your CVs to various companies and openings, hoping to be given a chance for an interview with them. You were lucky, you’ve been granted an interview (here are 9 things to take note of before going for an interview). You went, and felt pretty satisfied with your performance. But to your utter disappointment, you never got the job.

But rather than sitting at home doing nothing, waiting for that dream job to come by, getting depressed day by day, why not invest that time into something productive and keep yourself busy. Because no matter how bad it is to be unemployed, your best option is to “always make the most of it”. Remember the saying “when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade”. Moreover, to attain success, here are 6 things you should stay away from.

Listed below are useful things to do when unemployed that will help you get through this challenging phase of life.

1. Learn A New Skill.

Learning a skill, whether it is related to your preferred job or not adds more value and depth to your life. There are so many skills in the world available to learn. Skills such as tailoring, writing, graphics design, cooking of various assorted dishes, coding, shoemaking, web development etc. are always in high demand. And the good news is that you can always learn most of these skills online and for free. Just pick up the one which interests you and master it well.

2. Create A Network With Friends And Families.

Most times, unemployed people feel awkward about reaching out to friends and families because of inferiority complex. But it’s worth noting that reaching out to people that matters increases your chances of getting a job. Let friends and families and even professional contacts know that you are in the market for a job and request for their assistance in finding connections to the organisations that interests you.

3. Engage In Voluntary Activities.

Volunteering is a great way to fill a gap in your CV. Employers highly admire it as it shows that money isn’t the only important thing to you; rather, you are passionate about what you do and care about helping others. It also gives you a sense of fulfilment, knowing that you are doing a good deed to those who need it.

4. Become A Freelancer.

The internet is a different world of its own, always presenting various opportunities to those who are ready to take action. One great way to spend your idle time while making quite a decent income is by venturing into freelancing, provided you have a skill.

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Freelancing involves working on a contract basis for a variety of companies. There are lots of freelancing sites online where you can make decent money, but you will need to have the skill to offer.

Skills such as article writing (here are 15 legit ways to make money from writing), graphics designing, programming, and so on are in very high demand.

Example of such sites include Fiverr, Upwork, Jolancer, Freelancer, etc. Here are 6 freelancing platforms where you can earn six figure incomes.

So long as you’ve got something to offer, sign up for any or all of the sites listed above and start cashing out.

6. Generate Business Ideas.

Untapped business ideas are all around you, open up your mind to the possibilities, and you might just be a winner. It doesn’t matter if you have the means to go into it yet, it doesn’t matter if you are thinking small-scale or big-scale, just think of one business you see yourself succeeding at and who knows, you just might become the next successful entrepreneur.

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